Job opportunities


RSM Belgium is growing, changing and evolving every day. We are looking for people who want to set things in motion together with us. Sharing knowledge, being curious and eager to learn, that's important to us, because that stimulates change.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for passionate people who can help us further build our journey!


We are looking for individuals with originality, passion and drive. We want people who can bring new ways of thinking, the confidence to challenge and the skills to deliver, time and again.


People are the centre of everything we do. Our employees are the reason our business grows each year, the reason we have earned such a strong reputation and the reason our clients choose to work with us time after time. That is why we are looking for people who always strive to give the best of themselves and get the best out of their colleagues. Colleagues who want to excel at what they do and help others, simply because it gives them great pleasure. For us, that means employees who endeavour to have a positive impact in everything they do. In other words, people who care.


Our teams work on a variety of client jobs so we are looking for graduates who will be ready to pitch in from the start. We’re on the lookout for team players with the energy and passion to make things happen; who’ll thrive in any situation to get results.

At RSM we are looking for people with a strong academic background, however we don't just look for good exam results. We think curiosity, courage, collaboration, critical thinking, care, a personality and originality are just as important. Everyone who matches our culture can build a career at RSM Belgium, with or without limits.

We are happy to consider applications from a wide range of disciplines – business, accountancy, finance, engineering, law, science etc. What is important to us, is that you have a genuine interest to become a truly great accountant, tax consultant, auditor or a business advisor.

We enjoy great work perks and benefits

Our employees are our driving force behind our organisation, they are our organisation.
We therefore find it important that they are valued and recognised in the right way, both professionally and personally. We give them what it takes to stay healthy, to be able to do the work and fulfill their ambitions, to combine their private life with work, to have no financial worries today and tomorrow.

What's in our package?

Our own RSM Belgium Academy

RSM Belgium invests in its people.
In 2020 our RSM Belgium Academy has been founded with one purpose: offering great trainings for all collaborators and clients. 
RSM Belgium Academy gives support to our professional careers and coordinates, plans and takes charge of all details according to physical and e-learnings.
Since 2022 we have Junior Schools, Senior Schools, .... Partner Schools per level and further invest in our people so that they have what they need to grow professionally, humanly and technically to kick-start their career. Our programmes provide our people with the foundation for a long and exciting career at RSM.

RSM Belgium Charity Committee

We care about people and society and find it extremely important to give support to those in need. We support several local organisations both financially and through volunteering throughout the year.

Mentoring and Coaching

Your coaching journey at RSM Belgium starts as from the day you signed your contract. You will be informed about our organisation and get into contact with your team members days before your first day to give you confidence, trust and all the necessary information you need. 

On your first day we will welcome you at our Zaventem office. This is a day on which you will receive information about our organisation, by our CEO and Internal Services. Your buddy will join you during the breaks and lunch and will share their experiences. 

As from day two you will start your journey within your business unit and will be coached by and receive support from your colleagues, your peers, your coach, and everyone you will work with.

Coaching is an ongoing process of communication among a coach, a collaborator, and their teammates in support of achieving the strategic objectives of the organisation and of their own.

It includes allocating work, aligning goals, setting expectations, providing feedback, and recognising outcomes, helping both individuals and organisations drive results.

RSM World Day

Every year all RSM Member Firms and their employees celebrate RSM World Day, a day on which we reflect on being part of the RSM Network. It is an opportunity for us to celebrate our common purpose, being part of a global community and give back to society through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

Health & Wellbeing

We invest in our people and in employee wellbeing. It supports happier and healthier employees and workplace environment. We empower them to be their best selves, both personally and professionally. This starts with understanding and caring for our people as individuals—their whole selves and all areas of their life.

What does this mean?
A giant number of teambuildings, corporate and sports events, Tuesday Juice Day, Walking Thursdays, Hercules Trophy, New Year’s Event, ergonomic sessions, priority and stress management sessions, team lunches, birth days, work anniversaries, and so much more.


Work-life Integration

We stimulate our people to give the best of themselves every day. Offering a positive working environment and flexible working hours are an important part of this.

We give people time to invest in their personal lives, ambitions, hobbies and interests, whether it's upskilling themselves, training for an iron man, volunteering, sports coaching, teaching, or their family life.
At RSM Belgium we offer a range of flexible working arrangements. They are offered on both a permanent or short basis. If necessary, and can be tailored to suit your individuals needs and commitments.

And for the rest?

  • A gross salary that is totally in line with your background and competences.
  • A bonus when you do exceptional things at RSM Belgium.
  • An Employee Referral Programme.
  • A car and fuel card or free public transport.
  • A mobile phone and data budget.
  • Health insurances through a health partner that is available 24/7, for you, your partner and children.
  • Great coffee, tea, JustBite healthy snacks, fruit, chocolate, cake, … because we love to share.

How to apply?

We prefer you apply online via This way, we are 100% sure that we have received your application correctly.

We try to complete this process in a maximum of two weeks, but we would understand if you would need more time.
The next step in your life is not something you take lightly; it is something you do consciously with full enthusiasm and conviction.