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If you are interested in having an active role in the energy transition, you should consider joining ENTSO-E. We are a dynamic European association working on important and exciting projects of the electricity sector with the commitment to support the efforts towards a carbon-neutral power system. At ENTSO-E, you will contribute to building the world’s largest integrated electricity market – impacting not only those in the energy sector but also Europe’s overall economy, today and in the future!

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About us

ENTSO-E is the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity. We coordinate the cross-border system operations, system development and electricity market activities of the 40 electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) which cover 36 countries. The ENTSO-E Secretariat in Brussels provides support on technical, market and policy developments for all European TSOs in their cooperation with each other, in their joint fulfilment of their legal mandates, and in the intensive interactions with EU decision-makers, regulatory agencies, associations representing network users and other stakeholders.

The ENTSO-E Secretariat is a multinational team of more than 150 employees, including secondments from member companies.

The role of the TSOs and their cooperation in ENTSO-E is crucial to ensuring the security of supply, completing the largest and most competitive electricity market in the world and successfully introducing large volumes of renewable energy into the system. The scope and diversity of ENTSO-E's work has grown rapidly and is expected to grow further with the implementation of network codes and the EU’s Energy Union.

Our Values

Our values define who we are, what we stand for and how we behave. We all play a part in bringing them to life. They are the fundamental beliefs of our association. They guide our actions and behaviour. They influence the way we work with each other – and the way we collaborate with others.

Our values give us confidence that we are using the same principles to help us make these decisions throughout our association.

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