a Law Firm with True Grit

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With over 120 lawyers, our goal is not to be the largest firm but to be the firm of choice for clients who require trusted advice and innovative and business-aware legal solutions. Each of our practice areas is highly regarded, and our lawyers are recognised for their commitment to our clients’ interests. We look after our clients with energy, creativity and dedication. In turn they value our intellectual agility, business-aware approach and capacity for innovation as well as our utmost integrity and human qualities. We cherish that character and aim to maintain it.

That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for students, talented graduates and experienced associates as well as professionals who share these values and ambitions.

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Whether you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate, working at Liedekerke provides a stimulating and challenging environment. We offer you the unique opportunity to shape your career with colleagues who are down-to-earth and at the top of their field.
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  • You're drawn to the agility of an independent firm with a global client base
  • You embody a relentless pursuit of excellence
  • You thrive in an intellectually stimulating environment
  • You appreciate a Brussels office's benefits

Shared values

What values does Liedekerke Law uphold as a work environment?

A human approach. Working in a competitive industry like ours can have a lot of strange effects on people. What makes it successful is that colleagues always interact in a human way, with respect and a willingness to help each other, despite the high pressure they sometimes face.
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Inquisitive, personal and professional growth. Liedekerke is the ideal place to master the legal profession and to apply the necessary skills as a professional. Outstanding lawyers and talented professionals see mentoring junior lawyers and professionals as their mission in the firm. Everyone is strongly encouraged to receive continuous education, and the firm's own Liedekerke Academy also offers a range of courses that contribute to this goal.

Embracing a feedback culture throughout the firm. Constructive feedback is crucial for efficient teamwork and a positive, motivating atmosphere. To achieve this, we've been working on fostering a feedback culture within the firm for years. This involves better self-awareness of our strengths and weaknesses, as well as understanding those of our closely collaborating colleagues. This way, we optimise collaboration by considering each other's traits.

An inclusive workplace begins by welcoming diverse perspectives. Our current data does not mirror societal demographics, a fact we acknowledge. We are actively working to rectify this, recognising that companies play a vital role in fostering an inclusive society. Our goal isn't merely cosmetic data but rather to ensure everyone feels valued in the firm and has opportunities for professional growth.

Concrete actions we take:
  • The firm became a founding member of the Legal Diversity & Inclusion Alliance in 2019. Comprising 50 national and international law firms in Brussels, this network collaboratively elevates diversity and inclusion in the legal sector. Visit https://legaldiversityalliance.be for details.
  • In 2020, the Gender Equity Unit was established. Consisting of around 30 office members, including lawyers and support staff from diverse backgrounds, this task force actively develops projects to enhance gender equity, particularly in senior positions within the firm.
  • In 2023, we received the Actiris diversity label for the efforts carried out under the diversity action plan which we started in 2019 and which we continue implement.
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The earth is our home and thus that of Liedekerke Law. That companies should dwell on their ecological footprint when carrying out their activities is undeniable. Liedekerke is therefore working hard to take care of its home by, for example, making adjustments to its infrastructure, providing guidelines regarding simple daily reflexes that we all need to cultivate in order not to give energy wasting and climate polluting activities a chance.

Giving back to the society. The firm values its success, it is the result of focused and thorough work, continuing to educate itself and working constantly to improve and excel in its services. A characteristic that unites all of us in the firm is not letting success blind one to giving back to society. Pro-bono work is done and various projects are set up to assist the needy. So, the skills at our disposal are definitely being utilised to make a difference in that too.

Meet our HR team!

Annick Verstraete, HR Manager Business Support. "Working in a law firm is a rewarding career choice to me. Liedekerke gives me the opportunity to develop my own professional skills. I handle a wide range of HR functions and have the possibility to contribute to the success of both the firm and its people. I strive to create a positive work environment and contribute to employee satisfaction and retention. Let’s connect on LinkedIn."

Leïla Mourali, HR Manager Legal. "Hi there! I am passionate about creating a working environment that supports professional growth and collaboration, enabling our team to provide the best possible service to our internal clients. My mission is to make Liedekerke Law a place where legal brilliance meets human empathy, and where every team member feels valued, respected, and motivated to achieve excellence.
Do not hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn. I look forward to being a part of your legal journey and working together to achieve success."
Jolien Rooselaers, HR Coordinator. "I started at Liedekerke in fall 2022 as an external consultant, unaware of the transformative impact it would have on my career. It's not just a law firm; it's an environment that fuels my entrepreneurial spirit, provides freedom to excel, and surrounds me with supportive professionals. My positive experience has led me to dedicate a significant part of my professional journey to Liedekerke's ongoing chapter. Let’s connect on LinkedIn and perhaps we can be part of each other’s professional chapter!"
Julimar Abellanosa, HR Assistant. "I’ve recently joined Liedekerke in August 2023! During the interview process, I was captivated by the genuine passion of Annick, Leïla and Jolien. The team’s commitment to continuous learning, growth facilitation and talent development appealed to my thirst for personal development, as I see the potential for both my skills and my career to flourish. Excited to connect with fellow professionals in the industry and expand our networks on LinkedIn!”