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Our Institution

Founded in 1958, the Insitute of Pathology and Genetics represents 2 entities: IPG and

IPG represents the largest part of the group. Its purpose is the production of Human medical diagnosis only, on which more than 350 workers are dedicated. Today, those diagnoses represent approximatively 350.000 diagnoses per year.

It is specialized in medical diagnosis regarding Anatomopathology, GeneticsMolecular & Cellular Biology and Molecular Microbiology.

Anatomopathology has the purpose to make a precise diagnosis, using smear tests, cytological puncture material, endoscopic biopsies or surgical specimens/ sample. Its sphere of action is the whole human body and includes a large panel of pathology: infection, inflammation, benign tumor and malignant tumor (oncopathology). Scientific autopsy are made on demand by experienced pathologists, notably in foetopathology.
If necessary, some special technics might be used to have a diagnosis, using histochemestry, immunohistochemestry or electron microscopy.

The Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology uses technologies who allow doctors and scientific experts to make cytogenetics and/or molecular diagnoses of humans pathology, inherited or developed.
This Department is in constant growing and works for/with Anatomopathology and Genetics Department. The BMC Department represent 3 sectors:

  • Constitutional Genetics: Every analyses regarding hereditary mutations
  • Oncohématology : Every analyses regarding somatic mutation (meaning occurring in the course of life), responsible for cancer formation
  • Prenatal genetic, mostly focused on NIPT.

In addition to these diagnoses, IPG provides to its patients a multidisciplinary care, including medical consultations with our various specialists in clinical genetics, neurologist, neuropaediatrician, genetic counsel consultation with our genetic counsellor, a psychological support by our psychologist, specialised in metabolic and genetic diseases.

In January 2003, IPG Group has created a new filial,, which offers standard analyses and scientific counselling in the field of Anatomopathology, Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology, and innovative solutions and scientific support with high added value in the field of anatomopathology, cytogenetics and Molecula Biology. Its expertise is dedicated to private, academic and industrial research companies, in many therapeutic areas (such as cell therapy or the development of new biopharmaceutical molecules).

IPG has also a small branch in Brussels.

Since March 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, IPG has created a testing lab in Gosselies, focusing on PCR COVID-tests, working 7 days a week.

IPG activities also can’t be imagined without a high quality work, based on ISO norms. All IPG activities are ISO 15189 compliant and we are accredited since 2009. is also following ISO norms and is ISO 9001 accredited.