Do we have a match?

We carefully recruit our attorneys. To be an attorney at Van Olmen & Wynant takes more than technical or legal expertise and being able to follow up on matters in the best possible way. We want our attorneys to live our values, have a sense of entrepreneurship, integrate into our community, and get involved in the continuous growth of our organization and improvement of our processes.

What you get in return is competitive compensation, challenging work, a stimulating environment, a clear talent investment strategy, and a great team to be part of.

Over ons

Van Olmen & Wynant carefully recruits its attorneys. We rely on all our attorneys, young and experienced, not only to serve clients in the best possible way, but also to constantly improve the firm’s organisation and processes. We therefore not only screen candidates on their technical or legal ability, we also make sure they fit into the firm’s culture and philosophy.

We specifically value team spirit, responsibility, accountability and sense of initiative. We invest in coaching and stimulate personal development.

Our attorneys regularly take on secondment roles with clients. This helps them build close, personal relationships with clients and develop business understanding.