About us

The road to a climate-neutral future is a gradual one. Project ONE already makes a quantum leap by making maximum use of the very best of contemporary technology. Buyers of ethylene from Project ONE can save two million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year as they will no longer have to rely on ethylene from more polluting plants.

But our ambition goes further. We have built in the necessary flexibility in our facilities to further reduce our footprint and integrate other technologies as soon as they are mature. It is, for example, technologically possible to feed the crackers and steam boilers of Project ONE entirely with hydrogen. The condition is the availability of sufficient climate-friendly hydrogen. With the investments that are currently being made in hydrogen technology, also in Flanders, this possibility will be within reach in the future. In addition, we foresee space in our design for a carbon capture plant, so that this option can also be exploited.