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We don't wear capes.

But our clients consider us super heroes all the same.

Your dream job

Do you dream of giving financial managers, entrepreneurs and investors the benefit of your expertise? Do you value an environment with room for an entrepreneurial spirit and a personal touch, linked to a culture of expertise, trust and respect? Then don't delay: show us your financial dynamics!

How we organise ourselves...

A focus on rapid growth opportunities and responsibility
Due to the multidisciplinary composition of our teams, the diversity of our clients and our broad range of services, we can offer employees rapid growth opportunities. At PKF-VMB, we guarantee a fast growth curve, meaning you are quickly faced with challenging responsibilities on several levels.

Working in a team
Teamwork and team spirit are priorities for us. Not just because they make life more pleasant in the workplace, but because they help us achieve more together.

Spontaneous applications

Letting our colleagues speak

I had no doubts when I got a proposal. The company seemed to have a very cool culture. And now, a year after my start-up, I can only say that my “gut feeling” was completely correct at that time - Jolien (Junior auditor)

The guidance you get from experienced people is worth its weight in gold - Sam (Audit Manager)

I see a lot of opportunities for myself here and on top of that no assignment is the same, before you know it we are 10 years further and I have not been bored for a moment - Toon (Junior Consultant Transaction Services)

Learning & development

Bij PKF-VMB hechten we veel belang aan het opleiden van mensen. Degelijke opleidingen zijn een "win-win" voor organisatie én medewerkers. We zijn niet bang hier veel tijd en geld in te stoppen. We volgen hierin de filosofie van een bekend zakenman die zei "train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to". 


Wil je meer weten over onze PKF-VMB Academy? Klik dan hier. 


We are financial experts who make a difference, whether with expansions, takeovers, internationalisation, transformations or start-ups, because the increasing complexity of growing companies keeps us focused and we can take them to the next level in their financial organisation. Our belief in change and dynamism is one thing that won't change. We don't work for you, but with you. In complete openness and transparency. Business-orientation, pragmatism and know-how are what we are all about.