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Why join us?

Because you want to work in a climate where everyone has equal opportunities, where we support each other and achieve sustainable performance together. 

Because you want to work in a motivated team and you are you also able to motivate others.  You dare to trust your own skills and those of others. 

Because you want to work in a broad range of industries and you want to guide our customers in their transitions to Industry 4.0. 

Because you want to help our customers with proven solutions and services to help them increase their safety, availability and profitability. 

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I-care in numbers

  • 850 people worldwide
  • #1 in Europe, top 3 in the world
  • >35% growth per year
  • + 800 customers worldwide
  • 300.000 machines monitored globally
  • 50 countries supported by I-care

I-care values


We hold a strong sense of responsibility to ensure all our customers, regardless of background, receive the best possible service. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, investing in our skills to achieve this inclusive goal. In all our endeavors, we seek to build sustainable relationships, supporting our customers in driving innovation and efficiency. Our utmost priority is to exceed the expectations of every individual we serve.

Respect for People

We cultivate an inclusive climate where everyone, regardless of their background, has equal opportunities. Through mutual support, we strive to achieve sustainable performance, recognizing that diversity is a source of strength. Collaboration is key, and we empower each employee to contribute their unique strengths. This is fostered by a deep sense of trust and respect for one another. Loyalty, honesty, and a commitment to fun are integral aspects of our inclusive work environment.


Our commitment to learning knows no bounds, as our aim is to discover something new every day. As industry leaders, we aspire to inspire others by fostering an environment that values diversity and inclusivity. Our independence enables strategic investments, focusing on innovation, sustainable growth, and profitability. By understanding and exceeding customer expectations, we set a new standard for excellence, ensuring our practices are inclusive and impactful for all.

Global Headquarters

Rue René Descartes, 18

7000 Mons - Belgium